IMG_2278I’m a writer/teacher/speaker with a passion for creatively communicating God’s truth.

An Iowa farm boy by heritage, I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Northwestern College (IA) and a Master of Divinity degree with an emphasis in Leadership Development from Phoenix Seminary. I went to seminary for the purpose of using my degree to minister to people in the workplace. For 20 years post-seminary I’ve been talking God and theology with people from many walks of life while working with organizations including the University of Phoenix, Aqua-Tots Swim Schools, and the Phoenix Suns/Arizona Diamondbacks Team Shops. I’m thankful to have served as a part-time teaching pastor for Hope Covenant Church in Chandler, Arizona.

Vocationally, I’m dual-career. I pour myself into the future adults at Trinity Christian High School as a Bible and leadership teacher. Believing that being active in the workplace makes me a more effective and relevant teacher, I contract my services to the  Bahama Buck’s Franchise Corporation in the area of Franchise Development.

Writing, music, reading, photography, and time spent with my daughters and friends are some of what feeds my soul. Every September I subject myself to another season of futility as a long-suffering fan of the Minnesota Vikings.

After 14 years in the Phoenix valley, I currently reside at Buffalo Springs Lake (Lubbock), Texas.

My greatest adventure was going from no kids to 2 kids in 23 days.

My greatest challenge is learning to be a better Dad.

My greatest blessing is the daily grace of God in my life.

Why “One Eye Out”?

Whether watching travelers in a busy airport, observing thousands of fans at a concert, a Phoenix Suns game, or listening to the conversations in a small town cafe, people are fascinating. We learn about ourselves when we observe others. Not to mention that our humanity makes for the best material from which to write.

I’ve always had one eye out on the world. And, well…one eye out. Retinoblastoma at 18 months of age made for a literal lifetime blind spot that is a source of more than a few embarrassing moments and funny stories. Growing up with it means I never think about it (until I hurt myself). I knows a friendship has reached a good place when someone feels comfortable making a one-eye joke.

One eye out to the world and…

One eye out.