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Bad Mix

For me, one of life’s greatest pleasures is freshly ground, freshly brewed coffee. It’s heaven in a cup.

Every morning I take the time to brew a carafe of deliciousness in my Chemex, fill my thermos, and take it to school. Coffee is to my morning what grease is to a wheel. It helps it run smoothly.

This morning I poured the steaming hot Sumatran coffee into my Yeti travel mug and called the class to attention. Taking a sip, something wasn’t right.

I tasted again. Ugh. This isn’t right at all.

In the middle of teaching, I couldn’t take time to investigate. On a break, I figured it out.

I’d poured my incredible coffee into a mug that contained yesterday’s Earl Grey tea.

That’s what you call a bad mix.

It got me thinking.

How often do I try to add good and noble things to my life, only to experience no results?

How often do I try to add a healthy habit? A better attitude? A renewed mindset? Only to have them fall flat?

The problem isn’t with the good things I’m trying to add. The problem is I’m adding the good things without first getting rid of the bad things.

I can’t add healthy food to my diet without getting rid of the sugar.

I can’t add more sleep without getting rid of staying up too late.

I can’t add balance to my life without getting rid of the bloat in my schedule.

I can’t add forgiveness toward others without getting rid of the grudges in my heart.

I can’t add more of what Jesus wants for me without getting rid of my desire to be in control of my life.

If you’re trying to improve yourself in any way and not experiencing success, check your mug. You might be pouring good over bad.

Pouring good over bad will always be a bad mix. Positive change happens when we get rid of the bad things to make way for the good things.

When I dumped my bad mix down the drain and gave myself a refill?

Mmm. Yes. Freshly ground, freshly brewed coffee.

Heaven in a cup.


Todd A. Thompson – One Eye Out

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