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Planting Seeds

Growing up an Iowa farm boy, part of the work ethic my parents built into me included a lot of time on John Deere tractors. Whether it was working in the corn and soybean fields or cutting grass with a belly mower on a JD 520, riding on a tractor was time well-spent.

One of my childhood memories was being with my Dad in the field during spring planting, helping him fill the hoppers on the six-row planter with seed corn. Plant in the spring. Cultivate in the summer. Harvest in the fall.

In my classroom, I keep this toy John Deere tractor and seed drill by my Bible on my teaching cart. It’s a daily reminder that my role is to plant seeds in the lives of my students. Knowing full well that it’s probable I’ll never be around to see what, if anything, grew from my efforts. Every year another group of students graduates and scatter to the four winds. Most of them I never see again. I can’t help but wonder what seeds, if any, took root and grew.

But it’s not my job to wonder about that. My job is to faithfully plant the seeds. To point my students to Jesus in the time I am blessed to be with them. God takes care of what happens after that.

Wherever you are planting today, keep filling the hopper. Keep planting seeds. God will take care of what happens after that. And God always accomplishes His purposes.


“I (Paul) planted, Apollos watered, but God caused it to grow.” – 1 Corinthians 3:6

Todd A. Thompson – One Eye Out


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  1. Nick

    That picture made me think, If I die and God says “let me see your Bible” as a measure of worth… mine could use some more wear and tear. That is a well studied Bible there, Todd!

  2. Sharon King

    My Dad was a teacher all of his life, so your message is especially touching! Thank you! God Bless You!

  3. Sheryl Blackburn

    thank you for such encouraging words to make us recognize the ways we can also plant seeds. As always, well done, Todd.

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